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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is ground engineering?
Ground engineering includes all activities involved with investigating ground conditions, predicting ground behaviour and subsequently designing and constructing ground engineering works. The major professional disciplines involved are engineering geologists, geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists and chemists. Ground engineering therefore affects every aspect of modern life, from house foundations to major infrastructure projects and the control of geohazards.
What do I need to do before developing a site?
Selection of your professional advisers is crucial to the success of all developments. An appropriately experienced ground engineering professional should be appointed as early as possible, preferably before site purchase (if relevant), because early identification of ground-related issues can save substantial costs later in the project. Gabriel GeoConsulting specialise in supporting land owners, developers and other professionals with project planning - please call us to discuss your scheme.
Do I need a geotechnical investigation as well as a contamination report?
Emphatically - yes! Whilst a contamination investigation and appropriate remediation is often a condition on planning consents, a geotechnical investigation is equally important to enable appropriate design of the ground engineering aspects of the scheme. An inadequate ground investigation is likely to lead to overly conservative design of foundations, retaining structures, etc and/or delays when unexpected ground conditions are found during construction. The good news is that geotechnical and contamination investigations can be combined, subject to careful planning to ensure that the correct information is collected, thereby minimizing costs and time.

About Us

What are your charges?
No two sites or development projects are the same so we provide specific proposals and fee estimates for every project. Call us with details of your project for a preliminary discussion of the appropriate scope of services.
Where do you operate?
We are based in Kent and operate mainly in southern England, the Midlands and East Anglia.