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Hydrological Studies and Flood Risk Assessments

Flooding is increasingly a concern to clients and planning authorities, especially when basements are proposed. Gabriel GeoConsulting now regularly provide hydrological assessments or full flood risk assessments for our clients. For basement projects these are usually combined with hydrogeological appraisals or are included in Basement Impact Assessments. The most cost-effective approach for each project is carefully selected to meet the requirements of the planning authority concerned.

These hydrological studies consider all the sources of flooding applicable to each site. These sources may include river/tidal, reservoirs, excess surface water (pluvial), water overflowing from sewers or groundwater flooding. Both historic records and published predicted flood levels/depths or flood risk are considered.

We also offer Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) prepared in accordance with PPS25 as standalone documents. These are usually necessary for all sites which are the subject of a planning application in Flood Zones 2 and 3, as identified by the Environment Agency, and for sites over 1 hectare in Flood Zone 1. Some Local Authorities also set their own criteria for when an FRA has to be submitted in support of a planning application.